Motion and Video - . . .

Music Video for The Mouse Outfit

Practice 014E

Practice 008D

Music VIdeo for Remulak

Practice 0010B

Practice 006C

Music Video for The Mouse Outfit - 007

Practice 007F

Music Video for CAM - Cold Soul

Smoke and Texturing Demo

Four:Four Ident ( 2015 )

"Wrap Another Zoot" - The Mouse Outfit feat Fox

Ident Demo

Demo piece - example of an animated logo/intro.

"High Life" - Remulak / Melanin 9 / Skriblah Dan Gogh

This was a really enjoyable challenge, as a first foray in to 3d modelling and animation for a client.

Complete production, from lighting and filming to animation.

Ident for Propatop

Ident created from another designer's logo, for a Manchester based hip hop label.

Compositing Test

Successful compositing means combining video footage with external elements, such as 3d animations, seamlessly - in the hope that the viewer does not notice any separation. This video shows a fairly successful attempt, as practice for an upcoming music video.

Motion & Sound Play